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Mike has had a long association with Eaubrink Farms going back over 30 years. During that time he has undertaken a variety of work on both their grain and potato storage facilities (although potatoes are now no longer grown). Amongst the projects worked on is the current 11000tonne silo plant at Manor Farm which he has extended and upgraded, as well as upgrading and modernising the other on-floor grain stores. An on-going aspect of Mike’s work is servicing and maintaining all the storage facilities on the farm and he has consistently given good, practical advice and excellent service.

Kai Koelle

( Farm Manager )

We have been using Bennett crop storage since 2001 for upgrading our corn store. Dating from the 1950’s as a bin and sack storage facility, a change to bin and floor storage with a 10 ton/hr Turner continuous dryer and relevant grain moving equipment was installed in 1965. With the help, experience and contacts in the trade, Mike Bennett has overseen an upgrading of the system to a 26t/Hr Perry dryer with relevant grain handling and largely self filling system. We have found Mike very easy to talk to regarding our sometimes bespoke needs as he is prepared ,not only to listen, but to understand what we require. In short we would not hesitate to recommend him and his company.

Stephen Mead

( W.H. Mead & Son Ltd )

Over the past 7 years Mike Bennett has worked on a wide variety of projects for Patrick Dean Ltd including upgrading drying facilities in an existing plant, replacing conveying equipment and grain walling, conversion of an existing building into a new potato box store and designing a major new 4000 tonne refrigerated potato store. Mike has been able to meet our particular needs when designing for both old and new buildings and has personally overseen all the projects.

Alastair Priestley

( Lincolnshire )

Bennett & Co have carried out several projects for me over the past six years, including an appraisal and major upgrade to our existing grain store. The service I have received has always been first class, both from Mike and all the contractors he uses. I’ve always found Mike to be very thorough and professional, from planning a project right through to completion, and his work has always been delivered on time and in budget. It’s always been a pleasure to work with Mike and I look forward to doing so again in the future.

Tom Pick

( Leicestershire )

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