800 tonne Silo Store with Stirrer Drying on peat fenland

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all1A major potato producer in the Fens had a suite of specialist potato box stores, some with refrigeration.  However they had no specialist grain drying and storage facility.  They felt that silos provided a secure means of storage to provide good quality assurance.

Two 30ft. dia. Westeel silos were selected as the most economic solution.  Drying floors with Hutchinson Powersweep silo unloaders were included with drive for the sweep augers from the outside of the silos.  To provide rapid drying at depth both silos were fitted with Harvest Installations Maxi-stirrers.  This will allow batch drying to be done if additional storage silos are added at a later date.  A 15hp fan with 2 million BTU/hr Harvest Installations Constant Humidity Controller provides the high temperature low airflow regime required for the high rates of drying possible with stirrers.

legge1The site is situated on peat fenland where the soil is very unstable.  An especially designed transformation duct feeds the hot air into either silo.  This is because the silos needed to be some distance apart to spread the load and allow each silo to “float” independently. A large base area of hardcore was constructed on top of the clay subsoil before the especially reinforced bases were laid.

The silo is filled with a 200mm dia auger with a nominal rated capacity of 50 tph.  This is also used for outloading in combination with the Powersweeps.  This provides a low cost secure drying and storage facility.