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In 2017 CIPC distribution in potato stores will become even more critical with the change in label requirements for its use.  It will be a requirement for “active” ventilation and this will mean it is important that fans should be speed controlled. However box stores will benefit from the use of a timber suction wall where the slots are correctly sized to give the airflow for good CIPC distribution and to match the boxes.  Bennett & Co can advise on any improvements to stores that may be necessary, whethSuction wall under constructioner CIPC distribution or problems with ventilation, control or condensation.



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One of Bennett and Co’s major projects in 2015 has been to complete a new grain store at Brook Farm Catworth.  Mike Bennett has had long experience with Harvest Installation’s stirrers having put the first one into a Norfolk grain store nearly 25 years ago.  It is now a tried and tested technique and Mike finds most clients discuss the possibility of a stirrer when building a new grain store.  He has been supplying its allied product, the Constant Humidity Controller, since the late 80’s.

In fact, he would recommend a CHC for any on floor bulk drying of grain with or without a stirrer.  The product has been around a long while and been regularly updated and improved.  Without it you are unable to dry continuously 24 hours a day and drying can extend well towards Christmas as the days with good conditions become less.

However when drying at high temperatures with a stirrer it is possible to switch CHC, stirrer and fans off at night and conserve energy and not disturb the neighbours!


Harvest Installations Maxistirrer

2000tonne stirrer drying store with Harvest Installations maxistirrer



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It is now some 20 plus years since Bennett and Co’s Mike Bennett sold and installed his first Harvest Installations Maxi stirrer system, the first into Norfolk.  Stirring to aid bulk drying of grain is now a standard means of speeding up and enabling efficient drying in on-floor stores to greater storage depths.

A 1000 tonne silo with stirrer drying offers efficient and cost effective drying and storing and we can supply a complete system including loading and unloading equipment.

Bennett and Co have seen increased interest in grain stirring with projects involving both on floor stirrers and silo stirrers.  We continue to work with Harvest Installations installing both Maxi stirrers and Constant Humidity Controller burners that have been continuously updated and improved over the intervening years.


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The increased size of many projects mean that planning applications may be determined under major development rules taking thirteen weeks rather than eight weeks.  Bennett and Co advise clients to get started early in looking at these projects.

Whether it’s new ‘green field’  sites or improvement of existing facilities, Bennett & Co are capable of dealing with detailed planning issues with local authorities, environmental and safety problems associated with demolition, designing solutions to alleviate potential noise nuisance, piling and complex foundations, as well as designing for drying and storing the crop to the client’s brief and providing health and safety planning within the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015.

Bennett & Co work with a number of specially selected subcontractors to produce high quality outcomes using market leading suppliers of steel frame buildings, silos, continuous flow grain driers, bulk handling equipment, grain cleaning and processing equipment, fans, modulating burners, grain stirrers, timber tunnels and drying floors and state of the art control and monitoring equipment.


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The increasing number of growers with potato stores spread over a wide area increases the need for remote monitoring. This can be as simple as a GSM auto dialler providing text messages giving warning of problems in the store or full computer monitoring and control.  Bennett and Co offer control systems to meet any client need.

A large number of insulated motorised louvres have been supplied fitted into stores being up rated.  For quality and purpose we have chosen Farm Electronics louvres.

In addition to this we are able to supply PV solar panel arrays for barn roofs and for powering control equipment in remote locations.


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Bennett and Co has completed a number of major projects with the emphasis on grain stirring, a drying technique that Mike Bennett has been involved with since its earliest introduction into the UK both on floor and in silo.

We were approached by a client near King’s Lynn to replace their old silos and continuous flow drier with three 1000 tonne stirrer silos.  The project commenced with the demolition of the old facility in the second week in April and was ready to take grain at the end of July, just in time for an early harvest.

Working closely with DanCorn on the detailed design and project management Bennett and Co were able to obtain good lead times due to DanCorn’s large stock holding in Denmark and speedy erection with their own team.

It is vitally important that silo bases are cast to the close tolerances required for the drying floors and DanCorn believe the bases cast for these silos are some of the best they have seen so far.  In addition the ground work contractors had to construct an intake pit for 18 tonnes of grain.  The silos are loaded by 120tph conveying equipment and unloaded using sweep and discharge augers which load directly into a lorry.  A number of control features have been added not normally included on DanCorn systems, such as monitoring and controlling crop temperature following drying, monitoring stirrer and controlling discharge auger functions.  This has been achieved working with TRYAC who built the control panels and Bennett and Co’s electrical sub-contractors who already had experience with DanCorn systems.