Bespoke on floor grain store

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With buildings in the yard at Park Farm becoming homes for a number of different businesses, it was necessary for Tharros Ltd to build another grain store at the “farm” end of the site.  It was decided to build a 2000 tonne on floor bulk grain store with a Pellcroft central steel main air duct and Challow timber drying floor.

There was a need to take into account the varying crop types and quantities so a doorway was included in the rear gable of the building and a movable wooden panel crop divider to allow one side to be divided either half and half or one third and two thirds.

Nearby there are residential properties which required the large axial fan unit to be silenced by building a concrete block fan house consisting of insulated cavity walls and insulation lining in the roof.  A box splitter attenuator was installed on the intake to reduce the noise to the required level.

The project also gave the opportunity to install a large new electrical supply and remove overhead cables across the yard.

2000tonne on floor grain store