Agricultural Design & Build

Agricultural Building Design
Grain and Crop Storage Systems


Bennett and Co (Crop Storage Engineering) Ltd design and build grain and crop storage buildings, drying plant and systems, from supplying individual pieces of equipment to upgrading existing facilities, such as a grain storage silo or a continuous flow grain drier, to complete turnkey projects.

We design and build facilities for grain, potatoes, onions, vegetables and other agricultural crops, providing complete storage solutions to care for your crops.

We recognise the provision of new or upgraded crop drying, handling, cleaning and storage facilities represent for you a major investment and therefore it is important that the final decision is the right one for your business.

Our job is to help you add value to your crop by correct drying, handling, cleaning and storage while awaiting the optimum market. To this end we endeavour to build a relationship with you so that we can fully understand your needs and expectations and find the right solution.