Extra 100tph elevator to allow unloading while taking in grain on 10,000 tonne silo store

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It can be difficult to anticipate changes to cropping and farming practices when it comes to designing and building a grain storage and drying facility.  For Eaubrink Farms this has seen the introduction of barley into their rotation.  This has meant their 10,000tonne silo storage facility is taking in barley early into the harvest period which is then sold and moved on to make room for the winter wheat crop.  This often necessitates barley being unloaded from a silo when winter wheat is being harvested and needs to be brought in, dried and stored in one of the other silos on the site.

To enable this to take place an additional 100tph Perry industrial specification belt and bucket elevator was installed on the intake side of the system, to allow the existing elevator that loads the hopper wet silos to be used to unload grain from any of the storage silos.  The installation of the elevator required an additional elevator service platform accessed off the existing service platforms and also the catwalk linking the elevator platforms and stairway to the hopper silo catwalk to be widened to allow access past the new elevator.

Incorporating the elevator into the system also allowed for an update of the plant and dryer controls with a new 12” touch screen installed into the existing control system.