Project planning – things to consider

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For any new storage projects, Bennett & Co suggest that you visit the new project planning pages on their website which lists a range of things which need to be considered.  For example, if the proposed site is likely to be on fenland, which traditionally has a low soil bearing capacity, Mike, working with experienced structural engineers, can provide solutions for all your land needs such as piling, drainage, watercourses and ponds.  Working with specialist groundwork subcontractors allows the foundations and bases to be well prepared prior to erection of the storage facilities.

Mike is also experienced in submitting complex planning applications and liaising with the relevant planning authority.  This may well include environmental considerations, such as surveys to minimise impact on wildlife and landscaping the site as well as noise surveys and any potential effect on the local area.

For all your storage needs both new and existing, Bennett and Co can offer a complete turnkey solution.