Grain drying with stirrers

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It is now some 20 plus years since Bennett and Co’s Mike Bennett sold and installed his first Harvest Installations Maxi stirrer system, the first into Norfolk.  Stirring to aid bulk drying of grain is now a standard means of speeding up and enabling efficient drying in on-floor stores to greater storage depths.

A 1000 tonne silo with stirrer drying offers efficient and cost effective drying and storing and we can supply a complete system including loading and unloading equipment.

Bennett and Co have seen increased interest in grain stirring with projects involving both on floor stirrers and silo stirrers.  We continue to work with Harvest Installations installing both Maxi stirrers and Constant Humidity Controller burners that have been continuously updated and improved over the intervening years.

Full width Harvest Installations Maxi stirrer

Harvest Installations in bin stirrerStirrer in siloHarvest Installations Maxi stirrer