Harvest Installations Maxi-stirrer in a Multi-purpose Crop Store

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AM2This particular farmer has had three Harvest Installations Constant Humidity Controllers for a number of years.  These have operated on both indoor round bins and outdoor silos as well as a floor store used to dry grain prior to storing their main crop potatoes.  When the Maxi-stirrer was first developed it was recognised that this store lent itself to its use in speeding up the drying of relatively large batches of grain, but at the time the larger three double auger unit was not available.

The store has an underground main air duct with below floor lateral ducts.  This allows the stirrer tracks to be mounted off the building stanchions on both sides, so that the stirrer spans the whole building.  The client constructed the tracks and brackets himself.  The building is well ventilated with large vents down both sides.  This is important when drying with a stirrer at high temperatures as the exhaust air will be saturated.

Much lower quantities of air are required for stirrer drying than for conventional floor drying, consequently the inlet on the existing fan is baffled to reduce the volume of air produced.  The client’s Harvest Installations Constant Humidity Controllers are used all together to provide the heat required to raise the air temperature.  Two are operated at full output using “click-boxes” to act as dummy sensors with the third providing temperature control.