Increasing grain intake and outloading capacity

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Perry 30tph drier with 60tph trench intakeSo many bin/silo based grain stores struggle with coping with large combine capacities and also with the need to turn around lorries fast enough when unloading the stores.

We have uprated intake capacities on several stores over the years.  Sometimes it can be a case of extending an intake pit or uprating the conveying capacity going into store.  However, the costs of providing more wet storage to keep the drier going longer and not to stop the combines is increasingly an issue.  Hopper silos are not cheap and the opportunity to create a wet grain bunker often offers a less expensive alternative.  Using prefabricated concrete self standing sections onto a concrete slab offers that possibility.  Combined with a mechanical or trench intake this can speed up intake and keep the combines going.

When it comes to bulk outloading it is options that offer a quick turn around.  Recent projects we have done allow outloading to be undertaken while the plant is still intaking crop to be dried and/or moved to store.