New Drying Plant

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When the client acquired an additional farm there was a need for a centralised grain drying and storage facility.  In the rear of a general purpose building there was space for a drying plant including a floor area for wet grain storage.

dryerInitially a Perry mechanical intake pit was required, particularly as the fenland site has a high water table.  This is part of a combination conveyor/elevator unit that lifts the grain up to the drier intake conveyors.

The drier installed is a Svegma continuous mixed flow drier giving a capacity of 13tph.  As it has to fit within the building height, the unloading conveyor is set into the unloading hopper on the bottom of the drier.  This also is part of a similar combination to the intake machine providing a ninety-degree change of direction.

The output from the drier is cleaned in a Turner precleaner already owned by the client.  The output from the cleaner is lifted by a curved flight elevator to the conveyor to the storage buildings.  The curve allows the inclined section of the elevator to fit the pitch of the roof.

The storage buildings across the other side of the yard are reached by a Perry conveyor.  Another conveyor feeds the grain across the top of the doorways where it drops via removable ducting to the client’s telescopic elevator to load the store.