Onion store, grain store and all purpose fenland store

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The summer of 2010 saw the commencement of work on a new 4500tonne store for Waldersey Farms Ltd.  Their brief was to build a store accommodating three storage areas – one for drying and storage of onions, one for grain drying and one for dry grain storage.  This would provide improved storage capacity and, in a part of their landholding without adequate crop storage, would allow both onion and grain drying.  It was to be sited in an existing farmyard and included demolishing existing buildings and recycling the material, as well as backfilling the existing tanks and pits of the former pig unit.  Despite its remote location, particular care needed to be taken with regard to noise levels, as well as a concern about bats in the buildings to be demolished.

Bennett & Co were appointed as Principal Designer and Principal Contractor, with the remit to design, implement and manage the entire project.  Being fenland, the stability of the ground was an issue and working closely over the design with consulting engineers, Plandescil Ltd, 198 piles were constructed by the specialist contractor Keller using VCC type piles (Vibro Concrete Columns).  The extensive reinforced concrete slab required was completed by D G Scales Ltd prior to erection of the steel-frame building by A C Bacon Ltd.  A hardwood timber floor was fitted in all storage areas by Challow Ltd.

Harvest Installations fitted stirrers and a CHC modulating gas burner in the grain drying store, with a further CHC in the onion drying store.  Automatic louvres and a central control panel were installed by Farm Electronics Ltd and the complete store was ready for harvest 2011.

Farm buildings prior to project development from Bennett Crop Storage

Existing farmyard before upgrading the store

Cambridgeshire onion and grain store

Following completion of project