A Prayer for our Christian Company, written by Pearl Coleman

Father, in Jesus name, I bring before you this Christian Company.  I pray, Father, for the undergirding of all work in preparation, design and construction be directed by the Holy Spirit that the foundations of all construction shall be without fault, or a fault be revealed before commencement of any project that it may be immediately corrected.

I pray your blessing on Mike and Mandy and all workers on any project, for thorough investigation of possible hindrances and setbacks.  I pray for diligence, punctuality and resolve to complete all work on grain stores, crop stores or any other project undertaken to be completed by the time specified. I pray that all these undertakings will be to the glory of the Lord in whom Mike and Mandy put their trust.

I pray against any faulty machinery, materials, breakdowns or accidents and any setbacks which will hinder delivery on schedule to Companies involved in any construction whatsoever, whether it be of single storey construction or of height above one storey, above or below ground, and for the perfection of drainage for all foundations.

Thank you, Father, in Jesus name, that a spirit of excellence prevails over all undertakings and that the workmanship and the workmen and workers for the Company of Bennett and Company (Engineering Crop Storage) Ltd will be blessed and Your name and provision glorified.


Daniel 6:3
Psalm 11:3
Psalm 11:7.

(With heartfelt thanks to Pearl Coleman)