Project Management

Farm Storage Buildings & Grain Handling Systems

Potato store under construction

Working on your project brief

Following your initial enquiry for storage buildings and grain handling systems Bennett & Co (Crop Storage Engineering) Ltd will arrange a site visit for an initial consultation and, usually, a survey of the site.  A project proposal will be drawn up consisting of initial design drawings (use of AutoCAD software) with specifications, quotations and costings.  Following discussions with you, these proposals will be modified until your exact requirements are met.  It is at this stage that you will be advised of the client’s duties under Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 such as the appointment of Principal Designer and Principal Contractor.

As the design process evolves we organise and report back to you on additional work that may be required, such as:

  • New electrical supplies
  • Ground surveys
  • Structural engineer’s reports and ground work design
  • Noise assessments
  • Environmental reports and landscaping

We are able to take the project through the planning application process.

We will advise you on issues that may arise with your proposal and provide solutions.

Preconstruction project planning

We are able to undertake the role of Principal Designer, as required under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015.  As Principal Designer for your project we will:

  • Together with yourself, develop all the preconstruction information needed for contractors during the construction phase such as position of buried cables and existing drainage on the site.
  • Identify any foreseeable risks to health and safety during construction, future use and maintenance of the storage buildings and grain handling systems.
  • Assist you in selection of the Principal Contractor as required under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 and all the other contractors for the construction phase.
  • Work with you and the Principal Contractor to provide the necessary health and safety planning for the project. It should be noted that health and safety planning will feature in the initial proposal and will be developed throughout the project.

As part of the project planning we will provide a project schedule (using critical path analysis software) to ensure key dates in the project can be met and a payment schedule so you know when payment for various items and stages of the project are required.

Construction phase management

Once construction begins we provide site project management of all contractors and service suppliers such as electricity and gas, right through to commissioning and handover to you, including training for you and/or your staff to operate the facility.

We will audit the Principal Contractor’s role to manage health and safety during the construction phase.

We will ensure work done meets the technical specification for the project, working with you where design changes are needed.

Post construction

Working with building and equipment suppliers we will seek to provide you with on-going maintenance and advice on the operation of the new storage buildings and grain handling systems.

We will produce for you the final health and safety file with all the ‘as built’ drawings and information at the end of the project.

Throughout the process we will seek to ensure that your requirements are met exactly with the minimum of disruption to your operation and keep you regularly updated with progress reports.