New 2000tonne grain store

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When harvest starts always presents difficulties with project management of new grain stores and ensuring that the new store is ready to accept grain.  2017 was no exception.  Much to the client’s relief Bennett and Co had his new 2000 tonne grain store ready for the date originally targeted despite the early start to harvest but also helped by the subsequent ‘catchy’ conditions.

The on-floor grain store required a piled foundation and this had extended the normally expected build time for a store of that size.  The whole exercise of making a start on such projects as soon as possible and having realistic expectations of the time taken to undertake such a project is therefore really brought into focus.

The piled foundation required a thick reinforced base slab onto which was erected the building frame.

The client’s brief was for drying with ambient air at 4m deep; deeper than is usual without a stirrer.  Consequently, a pair of large 1000mm diameter two stage axial fans from Fläkt Woods were chosen which could develop the pressure needed to overcome the crop resistance.  These were mounted vertically onto a Welvent main air duct with a raised fan room.

Despite the fenland location of the project, care with the noise output from these fans had to be taken.  Therefore, the fans had extra-long silencers and the raised fan room and the fans themselves were clad with noise insulation.

Welvent also supplied the hard wood timber drive over floor.