Replacement Drying Plant

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FF1A farming company were in serious need of uprating their old Turner drier and handling equipment to feed into their large floor store.  This was compounded when the drier caught fire and burnt out.  However fitting a drier with twice the capacity into the original drier’s space presented  a number of problems.  The selection of a 4m wide Svegma 20tph drier provided the solution in that it could be fitted into the space with the addition of extended legs to support the drier over the elevator pit.  The single exhaust fan could be taken out through the roof.

The small extension to the drier building which had held the burner for the old drier now became part control room and part dustbox for the existing Law-Denis rotary cleaner.

FF3The existing mechanical intake and elevator feeding the wet bins were retained as they were of high enough capacity.  The remaining machines were replaced by Perry of Oakley 40tph machines and comprised two belt and bucket elevators, a flow and return conveyor, a drier output conveyor and an inclined flight elevator to feed from the drier to the conveyor going out to the store.  The store conveyors were to be replaced at a later date.

The drier and handling equipment control panels are linked together and contain the starters for the eventual replacement store conveyors and possible waste conveyors for the cleaner.

The client required that the drier should remain within the building which required very careful drier selection.  Perry of Oakley are able to provide a wide range of machines which gives flexibility in designing a handling system to fit into tight spaces.