Stirrer drier with handling equipment to fill floor store

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DENNIS2This Suffolk farmer had demolished his outdated square bin store and replaced it with a large floor store.  However, he was reluctant to take up floor space with batch drying on the floor with a stirrer system which would reduce the overall capacity of the building.  Instead a silo stirrer system was chosen using the Harvest Installations Maxi-stirrer and Perry of Oakley handling equipment.

DENNIS6The 30ft. dia. Westeel silo is loaded via a 60tph mechanical intake that feeds the elevator and inclined conveyor.  The system can dry approximately 300 tonnes at a time.  Once dried the silo is emptied via a Hutchinson Powersweep silo unloader with drive for the sweep auger from the outside of the silo.  The grain is then taken up the elevator into a conveyor running down the centre of the building in the roof apex.  This in turn feeds a travelling cross conveyor that runs on rails suspended from the roof.

Harvest  Installations Maxi-stirrers provide rapid drying at depth.  The client’s own Simplex fan was used, baffled to reduce its output, with a 2 million BTU/hr Harvest Installations Constant Humidity Controller providing the high temperature low airflow regime required for the high rates of drying possible with stirrers.  These were placed in an especially designed fan house to meet the noise restrictions required close to the village.