Update ‘Improved CIPC distribution’

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In 2017 CIPC distribution in potato stores became even more critical with the change in label requirements for its use.  It is now a requirement for ‘active’ ventilation and this will mean it is important that fans should be speed controlled.  However, box stores will benefit from the use of a timber suction wall where the slots are correctly sized to give the airflow for good CIPC distribution and to match the boxes.

To meet the new requirements Bennett & Co designed and installed two suction walls for a potato box store in the Ely area.  Two new control panels were also supplied containing inverter speed controls for the existing cooling fans.  This allows for slow speeds to apply the CIPC and energy saving when it is possible to slow the fans down when refrigeration is in use.

2018 has been a very difficult season all round for potato growers with possible problems of break down in store over the winter.  With more ‘active’ ventilation using a suction wall not only will CIPC be distributed better but better control and distribution of airflows around the store can be achieved.  Contact Bennett and Co for advice on upgrading your potato box store’s ventilation and control.