Upgrading existing potato box stores

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The client had two potato box stores with only refrigeration available for cooling the potatoes.  As the client is primarily growing for the processing market and storing at 8-10ºC.  Their brief was for Bennett and Co to supply and install an ambient/recirculation ventilation system.

The stores had been modified previously with large fans in the rear wall with motorised louvres and suction walls to dry the crop.  This had not worked very well and was no longer used.

With the introduction of stricter controls on the use of CIPC the suction walls were retained and slots cut in them to create a more compact box layout without gaps between rows of boxes covered with PVC strips and to give an even airflow across the face of the wall.  In addition, the fronts of the suction walls have timbers fitted to them to set the first row of the boxes away from the slots so that boxes of different heights can be used.

However, the existing suction walls do not allow for ambient/recirculation mixer boxes to be installed behind them.  Therefore, mixer boxes with fans fitted on the front face were designed and installed on top of the rooves of the suction walls with recirculation louvres cut into the top of the suction walls and high level intake louvres in the rear wall of the building.  All the louvres were supplied by Farm Electronics including exhaust louvres installed at low level in the back wall of the store.

New Farm Electronics control panels were supplied with inverter controlled fans to allow for slow speeds when applying CIPC sprout suppressant.  Temperature control, including control of the refrigeration is through Farm Electronics Crop Scan controllers.