Uprating existing potato stores

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The increasing number of growers with potato stores spread over a wide area increases the need for remote monitoring. This can be as simple as a GSM auto dialler providing text messages giving warning of problems in the store or full computer monitoring and control.  Bennett and Co offer control systems to meet any client need.

A large number of insulated motorised louvres have been supplied fitted into stores being up rated.  For quality and purpose we have chosen Farm Electronics louvres.

In addition to this we are able to supply PV solar panel arrays for barn roofs and for powering control equipment in remote locations.

Improvements to air flows using suction wall ducts ensure more even air distribution and distribution of  sprout suppressant materials.  At there most sophisticated they can be timber framed with ply facing and slots cut to ensure an even air distribution across the box face and internal stairways creating safe access to the top of the boxes.  At simplest a tailored plastic sheet can be suspended from the roof down to the box height.

Farm electronics mixer boxes and motorised louvres